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Knitting Swatch Gauge Counting Sets

These pretty and practical Swatch Gauge Counting Sets are the answer to perfect stitch counts that are easily repeatable! Each set contains 1 extremely accurate Laser Cut solid Alder hardwood ruler and 2 adorable matching Counting / Marking Pins. The Ruler has a set of permanently attached magnets, and an additional set which you will use to properly secure the ruler so that it does not move while you are counting the stitches! Simply place the first pin in your swatch on exactly the first ruler line, and place the second pin exactly on the end of the 4 inch mark. Count and then recount your stitches to determine if your tension is correct for the pattern. Perfectly simple and wonderfully reliable.

Measures 5/8ths tall and 6 inches long: laser cut ruler markings are a 4 inch ruler.

For more information on the importance of knitting a swatch and how to create one please visit our FAQ page.

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